Beautiful book: The greatest architects

Beautiful book: The greatest architects

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Antoni Gaudi, Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, Oscar Niemeyer… The great builders of the 20th and 21st century are today elevated to the rank of artists, just like painters or sculptors. Whether decried or admired, their works do not leave the public indifferent! To better understand the scope of their achievements, often avant-garde and out of the ordinary, and highlight their extraordinary destinies, the Editions de La Martinière have brought together 75 big names in architecture in an event book to be published for the start of the new school year. .

A rich and varied heritage

From the private villa to the public building, through offices, municipal parks and even furniture, the architects have left numerous testimonies of their vision of the world. Each of them knew how to impose their own way of thinking about space, while adapting to the evolution of societies and technological advances.

Architects identified by Richard Weston

Richard Weston, himself an architect and landscape designer, looked at the work of 75 architects who marked their time, from 1880 to the present day. All of his investigations are now published by Editions de La Martinière, in a work that exposes the work of each of them in a simple and concise manner. Over the pages, we rediscover the timeless furniture of the designer and architect Eileen Gray, the famous glass vessel of Franck Gehry, recently inaugurated for the Vuitton foundation, or the very particular style of the Japanese Fumihiko Maki. We are happy to immerse ourselves in this suite of extraordinary destinies, punctuated by buildings that never stop making us dream! The Greatest Architects - Visionary Collection Richard Weston 290x200 - 312 pages 35 euros