Recipe: strawberry basil iced tea with Philips Avance Collection kettle

Recipe: strawberry basil iced tea with Philips Avance Collection kettle

When I was asked to test a kettle, I immediately thought of hot drinks. Normal you might say, but when the temperatures start to rise and your feet only want to wear flip-flops, it's hard to concentrate on hot coffee or boiling tea. So I decided to make cold with hot. If, if possible thanks to the iced tea recipe, the one that is hot brewed to cool it better.

The Avance Collection kettle from Philips

Today the kettles are no longer satisfied with the boiling point, we should perhaps even rename them because they have other talents than boiling water. Since hot drinks are considered and treated as real dishes, we understand that the temperature necessary for their preparation was not without consequence on the quality of the drink. As "boiled coffee is screwed up ", the battered tea is spoiled. The Avance Collection kettle therefore offers programs at different temperatures (40, 80, 90, 95 and 100 ° C) so that each drink is prepared according to the rules of the art. It can also keep your water at the desired temperature thanks to the function Keep warm . In use, the kettle is very pleasant: we appreciate its silence and its ease of use. When the water reaches the right temperature, you are both warned with a visual signal (the program stops flashing) and a discreet audible signal.

Iced tea

Like hot tea, iced tea is a serious business. Some people recommend cold brewing the tea for a more subtle and less bitter taste, but there are also many recipes where the tea is brewed hot and then cooled. This is the case for example in the United States, the country which is also the source of this refreshing drink. It's a bit of American folklore, but you can imagine South Americans sipping iced tea on their terraces. So I looked for a recipe on the other side of the Atlantic and I discovered at Martha Stewart this iced strawberry-basil tea which seemed to correspond in all respects to my expectations for summer drinks.

The ingredients of strawberry-basil iced tea

8 sachets of black tea or 3 tablespoons of loose black tea 500 g of strawberries, hulled and quartered for larger ones 25 cl of water 180 g of sugar A bunch of basil Ice to serve


Step 1 - Boil a liter of water by selecting the 100 ° C program of your kettle. As soon as the button stops flashing, the water is at the right temperature.
Step 2 - Let the tea steep for a few minutes. In the original recipe, the time given is five minutes but after three, I preferred to remove the tea because of the color of my drink. Then let cool.
Step 3 - In a saucepan, boil the 25 cl of water and the sugar. As soon as the sugar is dissolved, remove the pan from the heat and add the basil leaves (keep some for decoration). Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
Step - Remove the leaves from your syrup then pour it over your strawberries previously placed in a bowl. Let stand 25 minutes while the whole cools.
Step 5 - In a large jar or a carafe, combine the tea and strawberries with the syrup. Place in the refrigerator until tasting. Just before serving, add the last basil leaves and ice cubes. Verdict: Everyone appreciated this drink that was both fresh, light but also delicious with its syrup and strawberries. We therefore adopt strawberry-basil iced tea as the official summer drink!