Material focus: how to choose a brush for acrylic?

Material focus: how to choose a brush for acrylic?

Mixture of pigments and synthetic resins, acrylic paint requires a rigorous choice of brushes that will allow you to apply it. It is a permanent paint and very quick drying (a few minutes may be enough), it is therefore advisable to keep its news: 739807 wet brushes throughout the work session and to clean them carefully afterwards. You will need a wide assortment of news: 739807 acrylic brushes of different sizes and shapes to adapt to all stages of the creation of your work.

Acrylic brush: which shape to choose?

Choose several forms of news: 739807 brushes to create the background, the subject, as well as the details and finishes. Current forms: 739807 basic brushes to have:

  • news: 739807 wide brushes and spalter (rectangular brush): for flat areas of uniform color, for example the background of a canvas;
  • news: 739807 flat brushes, long or short, to create the subject and its details; choose them more or less small according to the dimensions of your subject;
  • round or pointed: for details, finesse, finishes; you will realize very fine details with the tip, and will be able to thicken the line by pressing;
  • bevelled: to achieve fine and precise lines;
  • fan: for fading and glazing (transparent layer at the end of work to make the colors vibrate);
  • cat's tongue or bulging worn: for fades, blurring, rounded contours, glazes, reliefs.

Acrylic brush: what type of bristles?

The ideal bristles for acrylic are those made of synthetic (nylon or perlon). More or less flexible, they are very resistant and easy to clean (ideal for cleaning acrylic,painting resistant). If you opt for natural hairs, forget about petit-gris type hairs, not robust enough, and prefer pig's silk which allows the effects of materials and a work close to that with a knife (acrylic is often used with a knife) . You will find the news: 739807 acrylic brushes in a fairly wide price range from a few euros to several tens of euros depending on the type of hair but especially the shape and size. Beginners can opt for a set of news: 739807 brushes which will help them choose the main news: 739807 essential brushes.