Tips for storing your summer clothes

Tips for storing your summer clothes

If the summer period is for you synonymous with storage, our tips should help you keep your good resolutions! Misappropriated wooden crate, storage box or locker, handmade hanger, wall shelf ... discover five decorative and practical tips for storing all your summer belongings.

Put away your summer shoes

It is not always easy to put your shoes away. When we like shoes and we have several pairs of them, or when there are many of us in our house, it is better to have an efficient and functional shoe storage to prevent them from lying around everywhere in the entrance. Give a second life to your wooden boxes by turning them into a nice storage unit for all your summer shoes. Painted or natural, this eco-friendly and inexpensive decorative solution will allow you to find the pair of your choice in the blink of an eye.

Put away your swimsuits

To keep your swimsuits for a long time, it is better to pamper them so that they do not get damaged. To take care of it, let's think of an intelligent storage system. The most practical solution is to store them in a box. If you have a wardrobe, you can dedicate a shelf to your swimsuits and incorporate baskets or small lockers and categorize them. It will then be very practical for you, when going to the swimming pool to dip into it because it is within your reach. To save space, you can also try the lingerie pouches.

Put away your towels

During the summer period, if there is one accessory that you must have on hand, it is the beach towel. So, to make it easier to store and to avoid inconvenience when going to the beach, use and abuse the wall shelves. In addition to being discreet and easy to install, the wall consoles will allow you to find all your accessories in no time. You can also hide them with closed shelves. The alternation of open and closed storage, in fact, gives an excellent visual result.

Put away your t-shirts

Tired of seeing your t-shirts and vests pile up in your wardrobe over the weeks? Opt for an effective and practical solution with the traditional clothes rail. It will allow you to organize and store all your clothes at a lower cost.

Put away your sunglasses

In recent years, handmade has been on the rise. Lovers of Do It Youself, eco-friendly or mini purse, many tips exist to allow you to store your sunglasses while preventing them from getting scratched. The economical solution is to take a small ribbon that you will nail to your wall and then place a fabric on top. Artist and creative at heart, you will get a frame and fishing line to create a glasses holder as practical as decorative. Another tip: you select a beautiful wooden board in which you insert large ring hooks. These hooks will allow you to easily slide all your fashion accessories into it.

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