Falcon, the trendy enamel

Falcon, the trendy enamel

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Do you like authentic dishes? You will love the Falcon collections. The British brand specializes in the creation of enamel tableware. The pieces stand out for their beauty, elegance and solidity, a must-have in the kitchen. Want to discover the brand that modernized enamel? Here is a portrait of Falcon.

History of a brand

The Falcon brand was born in 1920. In a very short time, the items sold were very successful and became essential in the kitchen of the British housewife in the Roaring Twenties. Since its creation, Falcon has made itself known beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. The brand is still exported to Europe and to all continents today.
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Falcon, personality and quality

The dishes produced and sold by the Falcon brand are very distinctive. It is also impossible not to fall under the vintage charm of the collections. A large majority of the elements have a glossy white color with a blue border. To meet the expectations of a renewed clientele, Falcon now offers elements of color. All the products marketed by the English brand Falcon are made of enamelled steel. This material is very solid and allows great freedom in the kitchen. Dishes can withstand heat up to 270 ° C, they can be used on gas and on electric plates. To perfect its use, know that all the elements are dishwasher safe!

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A remarkable collection

The Falcon collections are made up of the essentials. The brand offers a set of square and rectangular dishes for baking pies, gratins, lasagna, etc. In short, oven-proof dishes that withstand the highest temperatures. There is also a preparation set which consists of a salad bowl, colander and bowls, saucepans, storage jars and serving trays. Falcon also offers tumblers of various sizes to serve coffee or make available to its guests small sweet or savory sauces. The collection is completed by plates, mugs, milkshake glasses and of course a teapot to honor English tea time. This whole collection respects the brand's codes and displays a sober and elegant design. Glazed white is mostly used, married to its blue border and some elements display a touch of color while retaining the solidity so dear to the Falcon.
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Where to find Falcon elements?

In England, Falcon tableware is sold in many large brands such as The Conran Shop. On the other hand, Falcon tableware is mainly sold online in France. You can nevertheless find some elements at the Parisian concept store Merci. Know that from its site, the brand offers to buy the items you want. For more information, log on to //www.falconenamelware.com/.
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