E-cook'in, the trendy food processor

E-cook'in, the trendy food processor

The Taurus brand launches the first food processor with "Smart" technology worldwide. The opportunity to look into this device with a sober look and surprising functions, which will revolutionize the way we understand recipes and cook them! Equipped with a 7-inch multifunction color touch screen, the E-Cook'in is indeed the first household appliance to have WiFi access which allows access to thousands of recipes. From the preparation of bread dough to beef bourguignon or eggs in snow, the possibilities of culinary achievements are endless! What if you cooked in online mode? Demonstration!


After The Thermomix and the Cook'in chef, a newcomer arrives on the planet of multifunctional food processors. Exit the various devices that clutter the kitchen cupboards, the connected all-in-one will now replace them! The E-Cook'in not only brings together all the essential accessories for everyday cooking - it is able to chop, grind, assemble / assemble, emulsify, knead and fry - but it also assists you in the preparation of recipes. These are clearly illustrated and the machine offers help to the user directly on the screen, via videos and menus in several languages. We particularly appreciate the two different modes, "manual" for independent cooking or "assisted recipe" for step-by-step support!

Stay connected… and share!

Adapted to both amateur and experienced cooks, the latest addition to the Taurus group is positioned at the top of innovation: without controls or buttons, the E-Cook'in connects to the Cloud for updating and synchronization. Thanks to its Internet connection, users can interact, exchange recipes and comment on them via their personal e-Cook'in account. When the web takes over the kitchen, a whole community platform is set up to the delight of gourmets! Other new features include its balance with precision gram by gram, and its system for converting temperature units into degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit (ºC / ºF), and weights in Grams, Ounces and Pounds (gr / oz / lb). No more long calculations when translating your Anglo-Saxon recipe!

The future in my kitchen

Available for the general public from November, the E-Cook'in will make a giant leap in the world of household robots, thus meeting the current needs of consumers who want to enjoy both the kitchen and the features of the digital world. Its price will be announced at the time of its launch in mid-October. This multi-functional robot will nonetheless remain a very profitable investment in the long term: cooking enthusiasts will largely find their account and will soon be able to do without it!