Before / After: Transform a toilet and a bathroom into a more spacious bathroom

Before / After: Transform a toilet and a bathroom into a more spacious bathroom

The owners of this large studio called on the architect Emilie Sainton to reorganize their bathroom. The problem? Too large toilets and insufficient toilet space for two people. The decorator therefore imagined a project combining a modification of the spaces and a new decoration totally in tune with the times. A few weeks of work were enough to revive this parental bathroom and arrange all the storage necessary for beauty products and accessories: brighter, better organized, the new zen-style toilet space really has everything to please!

Combine two spaces in one single room

Before : The bathroom, small and poorly organized, has little storage space. Plastic boxes act as vanity units, while all of the toiletries are visible, making the space even narrower and messy. The decoration, dated from the 80s, is no longer up to date: the old-fashioned tiles deserve to be changed, just like the somewhat tired basin and bathtub.
After : The couple who owned the studio wanted to be able to use the bathroom at the same time in order to save precious minutes in the morning. It was therefore necessary to enlarge the space and facilitate circulation, completely hindered until then by the narrowness of the room and the overly imposing sanitary elements. Emilie Sainton has chosen to combine the toilets and the bathroom to have a more spacious room. The wall that separated the two rooms was torn down and replaced by a low partition. The latter, more suited to the size of the bathroom, is now used for separation and storage on the sink side.

Modified toilets

Before : Lavishly colored toilets served as storage rooms. The room is unwelcoming and totally disorganized. After : Much lighter and brighter, the new WCs are integrated into the bathroom from which they are cleverly separated thanks to a low partition. The latter has several storage niches for storing toilet paper and cleaning products.

Zen and refined decoration

Before : Pink tiles totally out of fashion. The bathtub is too large compared to the surface of the room and storage is nonexistent. This poorly functional bathroom deserves to be redesigned and brought up to date! After : With its new mosaic covering in light tones, the bathroom adopts a very chic Zen style. The numerous storage spaces under the washbasin and integrated into the partition allow you to store all the toilet accessories and ventilate the room. The square basin brings a touch of modernity, just like the mosaic with very modern colors. Émilie Sainton - Consultant in interior architecture, interior design and home-staging //emiliesainton.canalblog.com